Thanksgiving Day Outfits for Every Attire

Which one are you?

Would you say you’re the Kim Kardashian of the family? Which basically means you love to standout and do the absolute MOST on your Thanksgiving Day outfit. Or do you consider yourself more of the chill type? Who prefers an oversized sweater and leggings, so you can feast without any constrictions?

Honestly, I’m not judging.

I’ve been both. Sometimes even a mix of both, and I love both styles just the same.

So whether you plan on outshining all of your cousins or keeping it cool + comfy, below I have linked a few Thanksgiving Day Outfit ideas for every attire…

because at the end of the day we all striving for the same thing…to be full, happy, and look cute as we stuff our faces.

Every item below is click-able + shop-able.


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