Trader Joe’s Haul

Happy Monday!

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Trader Joes’s hauls popping up on different social media outlets. Whether its on Insta Stories, Youtube, or different blogs…I have been hearing SO much about Trader Joe’s! So last week I decided to see for myself what all the hype was about. I had been to Trader Joe’s a couple of times before, but every time I went I always felt so lost and overwhelmed. So to be honest, I’m thankful I watched/ read all those hauls before going. That way I kind of when in with an idea of some of the things I wanted to try.

SO let’s get started!…


Linguine with Pesto & Tomatoes: SO GOOD! Wow This is definitely something I would buy again. I loveee a good pesto pasta, and this one was so simple to make (literally took 6 minutes.) I just added some chicken and it was such a delicious dinner! One bag made just enough for two.

Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli: This is a seasonal item, and I love pumpkin so I kinda bought it on impulse. I missed the “Honey Roasted” part so I was kind of expecting a different flavor. It was good, but to be honest I probably won’t buy it again, just because the sweetness got a little overwhelming.

Frozen Foods

Vegetable Fried Rice: Another favorite! This was seriously soo good! I made this for my mom for dinner the other night and she was amazed. It’s a good “quick fix” especially if you’re having people over. It tastes just like Benihanna fried rice! …Yes, It’s that good. Plus, it has all natural ingredients which I love! All I did extra was scramble some eggs and throw them in.

Southwest Chicken Quesadillas: This was something my sister recommended, and I really liked it as well. I’m always looking for easy (yet healthy) ideas for lunch and these quesadillas are perfect for that. Again, they have all natural ingredients, and one quesadillas has about 400 calories, but 1/2 gets me super full! I paired it with some slices of avocado and it was a really satisfying lunch.

Party Size Mini Meatballs: Another recommendation from my sister. I’m not going to lie… I haven’t tried these, but I thought they would be great to have for guests or to quickly add some protein to a meal. I would pair them with some whole wheat pasta or zucchini noodles.

Chile Lime Chicken Burgers: I thought these were SO good! The box comes with 4 patties, and you can make a chicken burger however you’d like. I had mine on a bagel thin with some avocado and tomatoes. It was delicious.


Gone Berry Crazy! Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pieces: They really are just as good as they look & sound. Omgosh, these are MY FAVORITE! I always need something sweet after dinner and dark chocolate is usually my go-to, but these little strawberries are just amazing!

Mini Vanilla Sandwiches: Ok so at first I was if-y about these. They’re non-dairy, and I didn’t know how I would feel about that. But surprisingly I really like these. At first they kinda tasted like a cake batter flavor to me? Lol. Now I just feel like they taste like normal ice cream sandwiches, and they’re the perfect size for me! Definitely buying these again.

Crispy Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies: These are dangerous. I literally eat one every time I go into the kitchen 😅. They are SO GOOD & so TINY! Which is why they’re dangerous! It makes you think “oh they’re so little, I can have like 10” Lol…still buying these again though. I love them, and they are even better when dipped in my coffee. 😍

P.S I got all these little pumpkins from Trader Joe’s too! They had such a cute fall setup with the cutest wreaths, pumpkins and other decorations.

I hope this post inspired you to go to Trader Joe’s!



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