10 Rainy Day Movies

Rain, rain, stay all day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful, sun shiny days. BUT, I am a lazy girl at heart. So I appreciate a good rainy day that I can just stay at home and do what I do best… NOTHING.

There is no better time to relax and watch movies than on days like these. You can cuddle up on the couch (because although it’s daytime the lighting is just right) and not feel bad about being an unproductive potato (because like, hello its pouring outside.) So on this beautiful gloomy day, I have made a list of my top 10 favorite movies to binge.

I decided to divide the list into 5 “feel good movies” and 5 scary movies. I love both categories and depending on the mood I will choose what I’m up for.

Perfect for a rainy wine night with your besties…

5 “Feel Good Movies”

  1. License To Wed: I re-watched this movie recently, and forgot how funny it was! It also has such a great cast (Mandy Moore, John Krasinski, and Robin Williams!) It’s one of those classic, lighthearted ROMCOM’s that honestly never get old.
  2. Mamma Mia: I LOVE this movie. I remember watching this in theaters with my mom and falling in love with the setting (Greece) and all the music. The storyline is also so different, and entertaining. I would probably watch Mamma Mia 2, because I haven’t seen it and have been DYING to watch it.
  3. Because I Said So: Can Mandy Moore do any wrong? This is another cute ROMCOM that focuses on a hilarious mother- daughter relationship. Basically her mom (Diane Keaton) hates her daughter’s choice in men so much, that she tries to play matchmaker herself. Obviously a ton of funny things happen along the way, making it one of my fav movies.
  4. La La Land: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone 💘 can you name a more perfect duo? (…other than him with with Rachel McAdams of course.) This is a musical I can watch over and over again and never get tried of the songs. Seriously, I still listen to this soundtrack in the car.
  5. Home Again: I saw this one for the first time recently, and I just remember feeling so happy after. It is such a cute movie. It stars Reese Witherspoon. Basically she’s a single mom, living in California, in a BEAUTIFUL HOUSE (seriously #housegoals), and dating super cute younger guys. It’s cute. Watch it!

get your popcorn and grab a cozy blanket…

5 Scary Movies

  1. The Strangers Prey at Night: The original “The Strangers” is a terrifying classic. There’s no doubt about it. However, I’ve seen it a ton of times, so I decided to put it’s new sequel on the list. I saw this at the drive-in with Danny…and it was TERRIFYING. Once you watch the movie, you’ll see why I was scared to be sitting in a car, in the dark.
  2. Don’t Breathe: You will be on the edge of your seat! This movie is insane, and just when you think it’s over… it’s not. It also has a CRAZY twist.
  3. Hell Fest: You’re probably wondering what the heck this movie even is. It came out last year, around Halloween time. It was one of those movies that was barely advertised and had absolutely no hype…but of course Danny and I saw it anyway. It was actually super entertaining, scary (but not terrifying), and it had an interesting twist at the end. It’s one of those teenage horror films, and it sorta has like a 90’s Scream vibe to it….But honestly, I only saw it that one time and barely remember it. So if you see it and hate it, I’m sorry.
  4. The Amityville Horror (2005): My mom is super into true crime stories, so growing up me and my sister would hear all about these crazy true stories (I know this sounds terrifying, and totally explains why I love listening to the “My Favorite Murder” podcast.) Anyway, we had heard about the Amityville Horror and seen all the original movies. So when this updated 2005 version came out, obviously we saw it. Which makes this a classic (almost nostalgic) scary movie to me. Perfect to rewatch on gloomy days.
  5. The Boy: This one takes the whole “scary doll” type of movies to a whole new level. It is so creepy!

To be honest I could go on and on with these lists. There are SO many other good movies that I’m thinking of now. These are just the first ones that popped into my head.

BUT when all else fails… We always have Lifetime movies.

Comment below any other movies you would add to these lists!

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