2019 Resolutions

Hey loves!

I hope you all had a very happy holiday season. I spent mine surrounded by my family, friends, and a plethora of delicious foods. You can get a little look at exactly how I spent Christmas day on my IGTV. I have a new found love for making those little family videos. I do it less for views & likes, and more for keeping those memories. I figured it’s a cool new twist to the classic home videos my mom and dad used to take every holiday. I know I love watching those videos, and I want my niece and nephews to have something like that too. Plus they’re super fun and simple to make! I use the app 8mm for the vintage look and InShot to put it together. Super simple!

Looking back… I feel like 2018 lasted a week. It flew by! But also as I look back I’m amazed at how much I’ve accomplished and grown in just a year!

  • I started my blog
  • I completed 3 semesters of nursing school! (only 4 more to go!!!)
  • Got 4,000 followers on Instagram (started the year with 900!)
  • & accomplished so many other little victories along the way!

It was a great year of growth & I know 2019 will be even better!

ok now on to my resolutions…

  1. Stop procrastinating: I already know this one is going to be a tough habit to break, but it’s a must. I know if I were to start giving myself more time to do my assignments and studying before the deadline, it would relieve so much of my stress & anxiety… but I still procrastinate. Why am I like this? Lol in 2019 let’s stop this. (…or at least try.)
  2. Post more!: Instagram posts! Insta Stories! Blog posts! Even Pinterest! I want to be more active on ALL these platforms. I’ve been good lately, because I’m on vacation, but I know once school starts again it’s going to be a struggle. In 2019 I’m going to aim for at least 5 Instagram posts a week (…maybe 2 posts a day?) and 1 blog post a week.
  3. Be more real: This statement sounds grammatically incorrect lol, but I think it’s okay. When I say “be more real” I mean like on blog posts, insta captions…I want to share my honest opinions, thoughts, and personality with you guys. In hopes to grow a genuine and authentic relationship with my followers and readers.
  4. Exercise everyday!: I’m pretty good about this one, but sometimes I get LAZY. Especially if I just washed my hair (can anyone relate to this one lol). In 2019, no more excuses!
  5. Travel more often: Whether it’s out of the state, in Florida, or even 30 minutes out of my comfort zone. I love to travel… but I always find myself not doing it Lol. Traveling doesn’t always have to be expensive and it’s an important part of life…so in 2019 it’s time to include it into the budget.

Here’s to another great year! What are some of your resolutions?



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