A Week In Breckenridge: What We Did, What I Packed, What I Learned


The morning we left was a little hectic, to say the least. We left from Fort Lauderdale Airport (which is usually pretty mellow) and to our surprise THE PLACE WAS SLAMMED. The last boarding time for our flight was 7:20 am and we sat in our seats by 7:17am. That whole process and the fact that we couldn’t stop to get any breakfast gave me so much anxiety. BUT, we made it.

Once we got to Denver we took a 2 hr shuttle to The Grand Timber Lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado. If you ever visit, I HIGHLY recommend you stay there. It’s a beautiful place, with great service, a free shuttle that takes you anywhere in town and SO many amenities that you really don’t even have to leave the resort. They also have a restaurant on the property, which has the BEST Philly cheesesteak I’ve ever tasted…we literally got it 3x’s during our whole stay. It was almost embarrassing every time we went and ordered the same thing 😂


Our second day (technically our first full day), was all about exploring the town. The best way to describe Breckenridge is to imagine that you’re starring in one of those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies where everyone wears red + green and is full of Christmas spirit. Except in the best possible way. It really is magical ✨

We started by visiting Crepes A La Carte, which was recommended by SO many locals! It’s literally a little yellow cart on Main Street that sells both sweet + savory crepes…and it definitely lives up to its hype. We tried the Nutella + strawberry crepe and it was delicious! Next, we visited the Breckenridge Distillery. This is when we learned that the elevation difference between Colorado and Miami, makes a huge impact on how much alcohol you should consume. Also Colorado is 2hrs behind Miami, so 11am really felt like 1pm for us. Which is why we were the only people taste testing whiskey and having cocktails at 11am. I had the Currantly Crazy Silver Fizz, which was recommended by the bartender and I actually loved it. It was like a fizzy gin + juice.

After the distillery and lunch, Danny led me through some Blair Witch type of hiking trail to see Isak The Troll. He is a 15-foot tall wooden sculpture, who lives in the woods.


This was our ski day! We decided to take a lesson for beginners because skiing is dangerous af and I hadn’t skied since I was like 14 (so I knew nothing) and Danny had never been skiing at all. This was actually his first time ever seeing snow! It was really fun, but eh. I don’t think skiing is for me. I’m actually pretty good, but I hated carrying all my equipment more than anything. It left us EXHAUSTED. This was the day we ended up back at the lodge by like 4pm and decided not to move for the rest of the day. That night we reserved a movie theater (one of the many amenities The Grand Timber Lodge offers) and had a relaxing movie night.


Since we chilled the night before, we decided to take this day to do ALL the things. First we made a snowman, which took us like 2 hrs because we were determined to make him lifesize and “round”. We went sledding in Carter Park which was so much fun! I was little terrified at first because the hill is HUGE and from the top looks very steep! But it was SO fun + not scary (promise!)

After freezing in the snow, we had lunch at a place called Soups On. It was like a quaint version of a Panera Beard. I’m typically not a soup person, but in the freezing cold, you crave it. This place was right by the Gondola lift (which is free) so we went on it for fun. It was so pretty from up there! I recommend riding it before 5pm because once the sun goes down it’s pitch black up there, and it’s actually kinda scary lol.

Once we were back in town, we stumbled upon Ullr Fest. Which we had no idea was going on or what it even was. Apparently Ullr is the Norwegian god of snow and every year the town had a festival to honor him and pray for snow. Interesting…. haha. The festival was really cute and fun to watch. After the parade we spent the rest of the night at a local wine bar and then ate THE BEST chicken parm pizza at Luigis Pizzeria.


Friday the 13th…On this day we shopped + ate a lot. We got vanilla lattés at the cutest Starbucks I’ve ever seen, ate fresh baked cookies from a cookie shop on main street, and shopped at little novelty shops. At night there was a huge snow storm, which kind of limited us since we were relying on the shuttle to take us places. So we just hung out and watched a scary movie, since it was the last Friday the 13th of the decade!


Our last morning in Breckenridge! Of course we had to get a crepe at, Crepes A La Carte before leaving. We also got the funniest little gifts for my sisters. We got them a little ziplock bags with a note that read “Here’s a little pot form Colorado” and inside it was an actual little pot.

Then we had the LONGEST day of travel ever. That snow storm I mentioned above, really messed with our plans. Highways were blocked, cars were all over the roads… it was a mess. I literally felt like the mom from Home Alone, doing everything she could to get home to Kevin. Except, I was doing it to get home to Shakespeare. I don’t even have pictures of this day. Just this poorly lit, sleepy selfie of me and Danny with our $55 neck pillows.


Or should I say…What I over packed.





I got a lot of DM’s from you guys saying you are going on winter trips this season as well…so please learn from my mistakes!

  1. There is no point in doing your hair, so do NOT stress it. Wear a hat.
  2. Moisturizer, chapstick, sunscreen…REPEAT!
  3. HYDRATE *especially after every alcoholic beverage*
  4. Pack light af! I definitely overpacked + I didn’t end up using half of the teddy coats I brought. It was snowing everyday, and the teddy coats would get all wet. Invest in 2-3 nice *waterproof* puffers (preferably in neutral colors) and alternate throughout your stay.
  5. SHOES ARE KEY. I can’t stress this one enough! Invest in a good pair of snow shoes. My ShoeDazzle booties were great for the walking around the town but I really wish I would’ve invested in a pair of SOREL snow boots. Literally, everyone there was wearing those. They looked so cute and warm! I even went to a local shop and was determined to buy a pair…but then I realized I had too many damn teddy coats and no room in my suitcase AT ALL.
  6. Mittens will keeps your hands warmer than gloves.
  7. Buy warmers for your mittens for everyday of the week. I always thought I could go without them, and we always had to end up stopping somewhere to buy more. Just save time, and buy enough warmers to last you the whole duration of your trip.
  8. Visit during “off season” if you can. We were there at a great time (2 weeks before Christmas). It was close enough to Christmas that we got to see all the pretty lights, but not close enough when the resort prices were sky high.



I hope this post was helpful to you + I hope you have a very happy holiday season!

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