A Year of Blessed & Overdressed

Hi Everyone!

Today is a very special day! Today marks 1 YEAR of Blessed & Overdressed…& it’s also my 23rd birthday! I can’t believe it has already been a year since I decided to “just go for it.” I remember being SO nervous to announce it on Instagram. I seriously couldn’t even do it, my friend had to post it for me! I was terrified of the response I would get, but you guys completely surprised me! You have all showed me so much love and I am so grateful for all of it! The comments, the likes, the engagement! I notice it all and love to interact with each one of you! I seriously feel like I’ve made so many friends just through my DM’s lol sounds crazy, but it’s so true!

When I started I was absolutely clueless about this whole thing (…still learning everyday!) but this really is a learn as you go type of thing. I feel like I have come such a long way since my first post & if you scroll down my Insta feed you can definitely see it too!

Alright so it only seems fitting that on my 1 year of blogging anniversary, I share a few milestone moments so here they are…

  • Getting accepted into the Reward Style Program (& reaching 356 followers!)
  • My first photo to get 1K likes (this one!)
  • My first photo to get 3k likes (THIS ONE!)
  • Getting my photo reposted my Forever21 (here it is!)
  • Attended my first paid blogger event (pics to prove)
  • Hitting 4k followers!!
  • Working with my favorite brands
    • Schutz 
    • Chic Wish 
    • MVMT 
    • VICI
    • Red Dress Boutique 
    • And so many more! 

To anyone who wants to start their own blog here’s my advice…

  • Don’t be scared: it is SO hard not to think about other peoples opinion, but it really shouldn’t be  limiting you from what makes you happy. I love working on my posts, and in just a year it has opened so many doors for me…Imagine if I wouldn’t have started my blog, just because I was worried about what someone from high school thought?… um no thank you.
  • Stay consistent & be patient!: like all good things, IT TAKES TIME & EFFORT. This is a slow and gradual process. You’re not going to wake up one day with 100k followers and people sending you things from everywhere… pretty sure that only happens if you go on the Bachelor or something.
  • Start from where you are with what you have: Don’t prolong it, just START. Seriously, there’s never going to be a “right time.” Start from where you are and go from there. Also, stay within your means. Don’t go broke trying to keep up with other people. WORK THAT FOREVER21… & make it look chic.
  • Develop your own style: This is so important! It’s okay to seek inspo from other bloggers & Instagrammers, but it’s never okay to copy them! IF you do, at least give them some credit. I’m sure they will be totally flattered. Here are some bloggers I go to for inspo: @amberfillerup, @sivanayla, @holliewrd, @jessthrowiton
  • Set Goals: This is also super important! Setting goals keeps you motivated, plus it is so satisfying to check them off once you reach them!

Ok I think those are all the tips I have for now…

Again thank you all so much for reading this and for supporting me! I’m excited for the adventures this next year will bring, and SO excited to take you all along with me! I also want to thank all the brands I’ve worked with, the people that put up with me taking pics of EVERYTHING, & Danny for taking ALL my pics and not getting annoyed 🙂

Cheers to 23 & another great year of blogging!



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