How to Host Bachelor Monday



Time to make Monday’s great again!…

The Bachelorette is back! Is anyone else as excited for this new season as I am?! I’ve been a huge fan, ever since I started watching back when Sean Lowe was the bachelor. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with my friends, drink wine and laugh at all the “drama”. It’s like a little party every Monday, and what’s a party without a few decorations!?…Here are some simple ways to take your viewing party to the next level.

1. Roses– DUH! A fresh bouquet of red roses is the easiest way to add a festive touch to your viewing party.

2. Wine – It’s an absolute must! Red, white, sparkling…Whatever you prefer, but definitely have something for your guests! You can make a fun drinking game, or create a signature cocktail for the night if you’re feeling fancy. Try one of these from my NYE post! 

3. Fantasy “Sweets”– cupcakes, donuts, cakepops, cookies! The works. Calories don’t count on Bachelor Mondays.

4. Letter Board– I love my letter board. I use it all the time! I think it adds a little individuality to all my setups. I can change the letters, write funny quotes or whatever I’m in the mood for haha. I also love using a chalkboard! If you have any of these you can write a cute Bachelor-y quote to display.

Here are some ideas!

“Here For The Right Reasons”

“This Feels Like A Fairytale”

“Will You Accept This Rosé?”

“Date Card!”

“Making “Pour” Decisions”

“Can I Steal This Donut For A Sec”

“The Most Dramatic Season Ever”

5. Cute PJ’s– Lets be honest, this is a time to unwind. Which means pajamas all the way! But of course you still want to look cute. These rose print pjs are not only adorable, but perfect for the occasion!

I hope these tips helped! I can’t wait to go on this romantic journey with you guys LOL.



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