BOSTON + SALEM ITINERARY: Where to eat, stay, and a Hocus Pocus guide.

This past week we went on the most spontaneous and memorable trip of my life! We booked it two days in advance, packed our carry ons with whatever we could find in our closets, and flew from Miami to Boston.

The initial idea behind the trip was to do something fun and impromptu before I start working ( and before my schedule gets very limited.)

I also LOVE Hocus Pocus and it has always been a “bucket list” thing to go to Salem in October and visit all the spots where the movie was filmed.

Needless to say the trip was everything and MORE because I came home engaged!!!...and a day late because we missed our connecting flight in Charlotte LOL.

Funny Story: Ok, the reason we missed our flight is pretty hilarious. I have one word…Bojangles. LMAO. We got to the Charlotte airport with plenty of time to spare, but we were all starving and SO many restaurants at the airport are closed right now. Therefore, we had to go to an area (pretty far from out terminal) and get one of the only things that was open. Bojangles. So we ate calmly, not a care in the world, and when we got to our gate… the flight attendant literally saw us running towards her and sprinted into the little tunnel and closed the door. We missed it by a minute. We were put on stand by for the next flight to MIA, but it was hopeless.

The story continues…we couldn’t get on the only flight left. Our next plan was to make the best of it and drive to Savannah, Georgia. Except… There were absolutely NO rental cars available. We were at the airport trying to figure this all out till about 12am.

Then a miracle happened (an actual miracle) Clarence (God bless him.) was able to find a Dodge Durango for us 😂. This was honestly the fastest I’ve ever seen God work.

So we made our way to Savannah and had the best mini bonus day! Literally made lemonade out of a WHOLE LOT of lemons.



  • Back Bay Social: We just got drinks and appetizers here but we enjoyed everything!
  • Tatte: The perfect breakfast spot. I had the breakfast sandwich and it was amazing! I wish we had these in Miami. The food was good and the inside was so aesthetically pleasing.
  • Citrus + Salt: The CUTEST spot. The food was OK, but the drinks were great and we loved the vibe. This is the restaurant where we had the most fun. Make sure to make reservations + get the churro bites for me!
  • Abe & Louie’s: A high end steak house and the best meal we had on the trip for sure!


  • Acorn Street
  • Fenway Park
  • Boston Public Garden


  • The Lenox: Such a perfect location and the staff was so nice and helpful. We spent like a good hour every night talking to the valet guy, John who recommended a bunch of cool spots.



  • The Roof Salem: this is the only place we ate in Salem, but it had a very nice vibe and the nachos were delicious!


  • Thackery Binx’s House (Pioneer Village): 98 West Ave, Salem, MA 01970
  • Max + Dani’s House: 4 Ocean Ave, Salem, MA 01970 (I recommend staying parked in Pioneer Village and taking a 5 minute walk to Max’s house. It is a private residence so you cant park there.)
  • Old Burial Hill Marblehead: This is where Jay + ICE steal his cross trainers lol
  • Allison’s Mansion: 318 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970 (Go into her backyard for a surprise.)
  • Town Hall: 93 Washington St, Salem, MA 01970 (where the Sanderson sister’s perform. ICONIC.)
  • Salem Commons and the School: N Washington Square, Salem, MA 01970 (where Allison give Max his number back.)


If you are flying into Massachusetts, the government states on their website that you must fill out a travel form online (link here.) and show proof at the airport of a negative COVID test that was taken 72 hours prior to your arrival. So we did all of those things, but once we entered the airport no one asked for any of our forms. However, on the way back home I did see some airline employees asking for it. So I would say take all the precautions just to be safe.

I also want to add that I felt very safe throughout the whole trip. Everyone in Boston was very respectful and wore their masks everywhere. Everyone on our flights and in the airport also had a mask and they hand sanitizing dispensers everywhere!

I hope this little guide was helpful! We were only there a few days but I LOVED it, and would definitely go back. There is a lot left to see! Comment any of you top Boston/Salem spots or let me know if you try out any of these places! ♥︎


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