Broke College Girls Guide

Last Friday night I went to Target to pick up some stuff Danny ordered for his new bedroom and I was completely thrown off by the overwhelming amount of people that were back to school shopping on a Friday night.

Then I realized it was tax free weekend! It All Made Sense.

I never really noticed how much taxes were, until I didn’t have to pay them. This got me thinking…As a college student, I know the struggle all too well. Tuition, textbooks, supplies, uniforms, dorms, maintaining a social life, treating yourself…All of it is expensive AF.

Life as a college student is ROUGH, to say the least.

…with this in mind, and also taking into consideration the busy schedules we all lead with classes, exams, study groups, jobs etc.

I made a list of some Money Saving Tips that are so simple and won’t have you searching the internet for hours!


This website is GOLD. If you’re a student you need to sign up! They provide students with promo codes for basically any store you can think of. Whenever I order anything online, I always head over here first too see if I can snag any deals. You can sign up HERE.

2. Rakuten

Formally known as Ebates. This is probably the easiest money (saving) move you can make. All you do is sign up, download the widget on your web browser, and continue shopping as usual. When you’re on a website compatible with Rakuten, the widget lights up and you get cash back on those purchases made. So simple. You can sign up HERE

3. EyeBuyDirect

A hidden gem! About 2 years ago I ordered glasses from here on a whim. I was desperate & couldn’t see sh*t in class. Fast forward to today, still have the same glasses, still in great condition, AND I always get compliments on them! People are always amazed when I tell them they were less than $50 (with my prescription!)


4. Hopper

Planning a trip back home? I recommend using this app. It tells you when you can get the cheapest tickets, what airport has best deals, and even sends you alerts when prices go down.

5. Chegg

I remember my first semester of college, I made the HUGE mistake of buying textbooks, instead of renting them. It makes such a difference financially. Textbooks are very expensive and tbh after class…I’m never looking at that book again. I also recommend searching for a free digital PDF or opting for the digital version when renting/buying. (it’s usually a lot cheaper!)

6. Starbucks App

Okay…so you can REALLY save money by making your own iced coffee at home. BUT let’s be honest, you’re going to end up getting Starbucks anyway, who can resist? So let’s do it the smart way…Literally. Download the Starbucks app on your Smartphone. Sometimes they have happy hour BOGO deals and as your buy you gain rewards which = Free Drinks.

7. Offer Up

Whether you’re buying or selling OfferUp is the perfect solution. As I mentioned Danny just moved and we’ve been working on decorating his room. He is set on having a mini fridge in his room (boys 🙄) and we actually found a super nice one for about $100 on the app. You can also use it to sell some of your own gently used things, and get some extra cash!

8. Closet Cleanse

Speaking of selling gently used things…I recently cleaned my closet and although I gave most things away, I found a ton of items I could totally sell. Like a pair of ice skates I bought when I was 14 because I swore I was going to be a figure skater (& only used them once ⛸)

9. Cancel App Subscriptions

If you’re like me and constantly try out new apps with “free trials” but completely forgot about them a week later (hence when the free period is OVER!) You can end up getting charged every month for something you’re not even using. You can manage you subscriptions by going to the App Store > Click on the icon in the top right > Manage Subscriptions.

10. GNI

Girls Night IN. Going out to a super cute trendy brunch spot is really fun but it can get VERY pricey. Try to limit yourself, and budget for what you can do. Don’t try to live outside of your means just to say you went to that cool new club, but now can’t afford to pay for classes. Besides everyone knows GNI’s are some of the funnest nights anyway. Have each of your girls bring a different bottle of wine, and have a wine tasting or get creative and do some DIYs.

*I recommend repurposing some old white tees. Tie-dye them, cut them into crops, get creative! It’s cheap, cute & trendy!*


Dress: VICI
Sunglasses: ASRTD (use code “Elizabeth” for 20% off!)
Ring: Rellery (use this link for 10% off)

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