Designer Dupes That Aren’t Tacky

Like any girl I can appreciate a beautiful designer handbag and nothing brings me more joy than saving up and buying a designer item I’ve been swooning over for years! There is nothing more satisfying than going to the store and purchasing that item you’ve had on your Wishlist.

Unfortunately, it is unrealistic to splurge on these designer items more than a couple times a year. I’m sure most of my readers and followers can relate, as most of us are at the same point in our lives. We are working, going to school, trying to save for our future, while also maintaining a social life and trying to travel the world!…but umm we also like nice things + stand by our “treat yo’self” mentality.

So what do we do?!

Well the other day I kind of fell into a YouTube rabbit hole (very rare, as I never watch Youtube) but I came across a few “Designer Dupe” videos. Which got me thinking of searching for my own “looks for less.” To be honest, I’ m not a huge fan of knock offs and imitation items. I hate when something is trying to completely steal a brands logo, because most of the time it’s very noticeable and I feel like that can come off looking a bit tacky…idk maybe that’s just my unpopular opinion.

However, I understand that we can’t all be buying Gucci, Chloe, or Celine every month (at least I know I can’t!) So I gathered a few of my favorite designer dupes that are not pretending to be the brand, they are not marketing as the brand, or using the brands logos on any items. They are simply designing items with similar styles, that will help you achieve the look you’re after without the designer price tags…and that’s a designer dupe I can get behind.

Here are a few Designer Dupes I LOVE!

Every item in the collage below is clickable and shop-able.

Here are few bonus dupes!

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