That still feels so crazy to say ♥︎

As you may have seen in my IGTV video, I WAS SHOCKED. A proposal was the last thing I was expecting. I honestly had no idea he had a ring or that he brought it on this trip (I mean obviously he wouldn’t tell me that!) But I usually catch on pretty quick when he’s acting weird LOL…and I knew nothing. Not even a suspicion.

Turns out he’s had the ring since August and his plan was to either propose on my dad’s birthday or Halloween (my favorite holiday.) I love that he decided to do it on this trip. It’s a memory and place I will always love.

I know a few people probably talked some sh*t about him doing it in a cemetery LOL, but honestly I think it was perfect. The timing was perfect. The location is where one of my fav scenes from Hocus Pocus took place! AND…”till death do us part” right? ♥︎

It’s funny because looking back… all the little signs were there.

We all brought carryons on this trip so we wouldn’t have to deal with checking any bags or any of that mess…but as we were boarding they checked Danny’s bag due to no more overhead space. HE FREAKED OUT. I figured he was just worried about his clothes and stuff, but it was because he had the ring in there! 😂

Also I thought it was a little strange that he wanted a picture (usually I’m the one asking for the pictures lol!) but I figured he was just in his feelings. 😂

I should’ve ESPECIALLY known something was up when my sister took her phone out “to take a photo of us” although my brother-in-law already had it covered. I was just like “ok, whatever. She does weird shit sometimes😂” I am SO beyond happy those two were there to capture the moment. My sister later told me she had bene preparing for her role as videographer for quite some time and that she kept repeating to herself “don’t talk, don’t breathe, don’t move” LOL. She did great. Contact her for all your engagement/proposal needs.

Proposal video linked here.

the selfie we took when he initially asked for a photo.
The photo Jonathan captured right before.
Grateful I had my nails done.

Danny and I are SO excited for this new chapter in our lives. We were talking last night about wedding things and we were like “holy shit, this. is real life stuff… like this is adulting!”

As for wedding plans, we are going to take it step by step. We are thinking maybe early 2022? Tbh we are both pretty chill people and I’ve always pictured our wedding to be super lowkey (maybe even Vegas? lol) But now that we’re here…we kinda want to make it an event! Maybe not a HUGE wedding…but like a medium one lol. I just want to celebrate us and make it beautiful!

Finally, I want to thank YOU for all your love + support! I love growing + sharing all these real life moments with you guys! love you lots ♥︎


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  1. October 10, 2020 / 6:03 pm

    Congrats!!! I didn’t realize that was the cemetery from Hocus Pocus…that’s so cool! Planning a wedding is so fun and exciting…enjoy it girl!

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