Everything I Packed For 4 Days in NYC

I have a love/hate relationship with packing. I love the excitement and anticipation of getting ready for a trip BUT…I hate the inevitable feeling of “…am I missing something?!”

NEVER fails. In my efforts to “pack light” I ALWAYS feel like I’m forgetting something. Which leads me to overthink and believe I’m under packing.

NEWS FLASH: odds are you are NOT under-packing…and no you don’t need 3 outfits for 1 day.

But I get it… I like to plan for every occasion as well (which means I need an extensive selection of outfits.) That is why for my trip to NYC I really wanted to focus on packing things that could be mixed and matched & re-worn. I also sought to Amazon to find all the appropriate bags/containers that would really maximize my luggage space.

Which brings me to… ALL the things I packed for 4 days in NYC.


When I made some of these purchases I thought “ok now I’m just being extra” but no…They were all lifesavers! They kept everything so organized and really maximized my space! They also made it so easy and quick to find everything when I was getting ready. I would say ALL of these are a must.


TIP: In efforts to stay organized…I tried on & styled outfits (accessories and all!) prior to packing. I took a quick mirror selfie in each look and saved it to an album titled “NYC Outfits”. This made getting ready in the morning super easy! Depending on the plan for the day, I chose my outfit from the comfort of my hotel bed.


Gingham crop: LULUS, Lavender mini skirt: SINCERELY ALC


*didn’t end up wearing any of these 🙃*


Leggings: Victoria’s Secret, & Yogalicious



Melie Bianco Crossbody (use code: HELLO40 for 40% off)

ASRTD Hex Plus (use code: ELIZABETH for 20% off!)

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