Decorate the front porch 

Below are a few of my favs to give your front door all the fall feels.


Get a fall manicure

I am WAY overdue for a manicure and I can not wait to go get some fun fall nail art. I usually only do neutral colors but this time I think I’m going to change things up and go for a darker color. Maybe olive green or dark brown? Here is some nail inspo.

Buy the best fall scented candles 


Have a scary movie marathon leading up to Halloween 

I love doing this every year! I’m a huge horror movie fan, so be on the lookout for my October Movie Marathon post.

Go to a thrift shop + have fun planning a cute Halloween costume

I usually start planning my Halloween costume in July, but this year I have no ideas! I’m thinking of just having fun with it and seeing what we come up with. I thin thrifting would be super fun + affordable!

Make a fall charcuterie board

I saw some on Pinterest, and they’re so pretty! Here is some inspo for your next small gathering. OR try a fun Candy Charcuterie board, like this one I made last year…

Bake pumpkin bread 

Try making your own homemade recipe…or get the boxed stuff that (personally!) I love so much. This one is my favorite. One box will give you enough for 2 big loaves and 2 mini loaves. I love baking mini ones for all my friends + family.


Carve or Paint pumpkins 

I know this is basic, but it’s still a must. Below is some not-so-basic pumpkin carving ideas.

Host an intimate Friendsgiving 

Here is some inspo from my Friendsgiving last year ♥︎

Try a chili or a yummy soup recipe

I love a good hearty chili. I’ve never actually made my own though, so thats something I would love to try! Here’s a recipe I pinned.

Go somewhere where fall foliage is a thing 

Bake an apple pie from scratch 

Recipe here.

Make pumpkin spice waffles for breakfast

Use one of these festive waffle makers to give it that extra razzle- dazzle.


Wear dark lipstick 

Bake “Booook” Brownie Bites

Literally the easiest Halloween treat. You can’t mess this one up. Just bake brownies (or buy them!), add an eyeball sprinkle, and a few squiggly lines of black frosting.

Buy a new flannel 

Oversized flannels are definitely trending this season…but not the traditional lumberjack red. I’m talking about neutral flannels that can be easily paired with basic outfits to give it more of a cozy vibe. Linked a few favs below!


Hope you liked these ideas! Let me know if you do any of the above (I would love to see!) or comment more suggestions… I would love to add some to the list ♥︎

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