February’s Most Loved

Today I realized that I have been seriously SLACKING in the month of February.

I have a total of 2 blog posts published this month…sadness.

It never fails. This always happens to me in February. Idk if it’s because it’s a shorter month, or if I just always have a ton of sh*t to do in Feb. In any case, I wanted to bring you guys a collage of items I loved this month. I’m thinking of making this a monthly thing, so let me know in the comments below if this is something you like.

February’s Most Loved


  • Garnier’s new avocado shampoo smells so good, you’ll actually look forward to washing your hair. Plus it’s great for your hair + very inexpensive.
  • SkinActive Water Rose 24hr Moisturizer. I love how it feels on application and it leaves my skin feeling SUPER hydrated + refreshed. Also smells amazing. If you’re looking for a new moisturizer, I definitely recommend it!


  • Tie Dye Workout Set. I don’t actually have this, but I have been dying for new active wear + this seems promising so it’s currently sitting in my cart.
  • Neutral Blazer. A MUST. A STAPLE PIECE. You need one in your closet.
  • Cheetah Kaftan. I love light weight beach coverups for spring/summer seasons, so I recently ordered this one! I love the print + I can’t wait to wear it by the pool.
  • TKEES. I have been wearing these all month. They’re so simple + effortlessly chic. I love how they match with just about anything. I linked the exact pair I have…except they’re on sale for about $30 cheaper.
  • SCHUTZ. Obsessed with my Schutz. I love this shoe so much. SO far I’ve worn them twice this month, and gotten SO many compliments each time. Looking into getting them in black as well. ♥︎
  • Etsy Makeup Pouch. Another item I don’t have but WANT SO BAD. I found this product on Etsy, and fell in love with its resemblance to a Stoney Clover Ln. (…but way cheaper.)


  • The prettiest Butterfly Bookends… I posted them on my story in early Feb. You guys loved them + I haven’t stopped thinking about them.
  • Quest Chili Lime Protein Chips. I’m a big snacker, so I love that these satisfy my cravings without the guilt. They have 20g of protein, 4 total carbs, and 0 sugar. You have to try!

Each image below is click-able + shop-able.

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