Friendsgiving Tablescape

Yesterday I hosted a Friendsgiving dinner with a few of my friends from school…We eat lunch together almost everyday before class so we decided it was time to ditch the scrubs + lunchboxes for a change and eat a nice meal (with lots of rosé!)

We chose to have it at my house because it was a happy middle between all of our homes… and because I will never pass up on an excuse to get creative.

Since it was just 7 of us, I wanted to keep everything simple, affordable, but still chic. I took you along on Instagram Stories about my hunt for cute *expensive looking* drinkware and pretty flowers. But if you missed it, here is where I got everything…


The flowers I got at my local wholesale flower distributor Jet Fresh Flowers. That place has an AMAZING selection and at very fair prices. Be prepared to freeze, because it’s literally a giant refrigerator of fresh flowers. Also, I recommend bringing cash. They take credit and debit cards, but charge a 3% fee…and if you’re buying a lot, that 3% can add up FAST.

Flowers I got:

Roses in the colors Coffee Break + Amnesia

Pampas Grass

White Snapdragons

Baby Orange Roses

Bronze Hanging Amaranths

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus (1 bunch goes a long way)

I had a ton of flowers to make 3 arrangements and spread some out around the dining table. My sister made the arrangement below.



As, I mentioned I wanted to keep the table simple and free of clutter so we actually had space for our huge plates of food, but still very Pinterest-y. Also, I had to really WORK what I was working with…Which was an outdoor plastic folding table🙃. So I covered it with a white table linen that hung all the way to the floor (on all sides) to hide the evidence of those plastic legs. I also added a burnt orange/ terracota (with hints of tie dye) as a table runner. Which was simply a cut piece of fabric from Hobby Lobby. I loved it when I saw it, and really wanted to incorporate it somehow! So I got 4 yards of the fabric, which was the perfect length to hang all along the table and drape on the ends.

As for silverware, glassware, etc. I HATE paper plates…but I love how convenient it is to just throw them away after the party’s over. So I got disposable plastic dinner plates from Target, and added a glass white salad plate on top to give it that extra razzle dazzle. As for “silverware” (which came already packaged in napkins!) I got those in packs of 3 from The Dollar Tree.

Since we’re on the topic of The Dollar Tree…I give to you the best purchase of 2019. The Dollar Tree wine glasses. First of all, I never go to the Dollar Tree and I was shocked at the quality of these glasses and the fact that they were actually $1! I’m so accustomed to the “dollar section” at Target where nothing is ever really $1. Safe to say, The Dollar Tree is my new favorite spot. I got the wine glasses , some of the little vases on the table, and the jars I used as favors from there.


Simple Polaroid Display DIY

This is the simplest thing EVER! Plus, it’s always fun for guests to take polaroids and hang them up. I made this awhile back for Danny’s parents house warming party and it was a huge hit. I quickly explained how I did it on Instagram stories and it’s saved under my “DIY” highlight.

But I’ll add it here as well…all you need is

a frame, twine, hot glue, and clothes pins. I just hot glued the twine to the back of the frame and voilá… The cutest polaroid photo display.


P.S. this season I am loving everything champagne colored…This VICI maxi skirt is so cute for the holidays and very versatile.

Happy Holidays!

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