Galentine Party Essentials

Hi Everyone!

Tis’ the season for pastel heart candies and all pink EVERYTHING! In honor of February starting tomorrow, I put together this little “Galentine Party Essentials” post. When I told Danny I was working on this post he asked me “what’s a galentine?” So to help me properly define it, I sought out a very knowledgeable source, This is how they defined it, “February 13th, the other half of valentine’s day, when you celebrate your love for your lady friends! single or not.” Personally, I like to think of it as an excuse to decorate & drink prosecco with my girl friends… So think Bachelor monday, but with a twist.

The Outfits

If I’m just hanging out with my friends, COMFORT IS KEY. I’m always up for a PJ party. So here are some super cute Valentine’s Day Inspired PJ’s.

The Decor

I’m not really huge fan of red, I know it’s THE Valentine’s day color… but to me it kinda seems cheesy. I definitely prefer pink when it comes to decor (…& roses.)

Cards That Say It All

I don’t know who needs to hear this…but I should definitely be getting the Prosecco card! 😉

Gifts Under $20

…because girls just wanna have FUNDS.

EXTRA Fun Stuff

“Extra” like the OVER THE TOP Galentine’s Day party you’re about to throw!…& I love it!



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