Halloween Decorations I Want

It’s almost my favorite time of the year. While most people are still soaking in the last days of “hot girl summer”, I am READY for witch b*tch fall. If you’re like me, setting the Halloween vibes in your home during this time of year is a priority. Pumpkin scented candles burning, AMC’s FearFest on TV, Pillsbury ghost cookies baking in the oven. IT’S A MOOD. If these things are important to you…September is THE time to shop for all your halloween decor. Stores are overflowing with the best of the best. Stocking up as we speak. However, as soon as October rolls around you can kiss all the cute stuff goodbye.

So take my advice, start your shopping now.

I have a little corner in my house that I love to go ALL out. The mood I’m going for this year is a classy, black, haunted apothecary, fortune teller lives here vibe and I’m trying to stay away from the generic orange and black jack-o-lantern look. If you’re going for a similar style, I rounded up a few Halloween decorations that set this tone.

Every item in the collage below is clickable and shop-able.

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