3 Halloween Costumes You Can Re-Wear After Halloween!

Hey Witches!

Halloween is ALMOST here!…and as far as your halloween costume goes, it really is crunch time! Costume parties are going to start popping up in the next coming days, and you definitely want to be prepared! So now is the time to start prepping just in case you plan on ordering anything online.

I know thinking of Halloween costumes can be such a challenge…So I created a couple of looks that will hopefully inspire you! I tried to think out of the box and use items that can be re-worn after Halloween!…Because lets be honest, who really wants to spend like $70 on a Dorothy costume that comes in a plastic bag and you will NEVER wear again…no one. haha. This is the major reason why 90% of all my costumes are either DIY or things I throw together from my own closet. You’d be surprised how many costumes you can make from your own wardrobe if you really get creative.

So here are some ideas…


This is my absolute favorite! I have been dying to recreate a gypsy costume, since last Halloween! So when I saw this two-piece set (… not only did I automatically fall in love with all it’s gorgeous colors!) I thought it would make the perfect gypsy costume! However I would most definitely re-wear it in the summer! I can totally picture this on like a beach vacation in Mexico or something haha. I don’t know, I just knew I had to have it, and it’s definitely more than just a Halloween costume! I got all the accessories from Amazon Prime, which was great! Everything was super affordable and got here right away. So really the only splurge item here was the set, but again… WORTH IT!

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Pink Panther

I think this costume is SO much fun, I threw it together from things I already had, and it was so much fun to play dress up with all my clothes! I love this costume because I  think the pink gives it a fun twist on the classic cat look. Also the makeup was SUPER easy to do. I literally just used a fluffy eyeshadow brush to dap pink circles up the side of my face, and then squiggled around them with liquid eyeliner to give me the leopard print spots. I would definitely re-wear each of these items separately, and if you don’t have black over the knee boots… I would replace it with black or white booties (maybe add some fishnets?) There’s SO much room for creativity here.

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Shooting Star

Ok so this one was inspired by Pinterest haha. I thought it was such a unique idea, I had never seen a “shooting star” costume before and I loved the idea! This dress is from BLACC, but I tagged a similar one which I LOVE! I would re-wear this dress for New Years (which is closer than you think!😅), or anywhere really!

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