March’s Most Loved

The eternal month of March is finally over.

I think we can all agree that this month took 3 decades, and was one of the weirdest times EVER.

BUT nevertheless, I’m very grateful for it, and excited to see all the positive changes April has in store. 🙏🏻

This post is going to be short + sweet…As I mentioned last month, I’m going to be publishing a post of my “most loved” products every month. You can read February’s here. It’s basically just a little wrap up of items I have posted on Instagram, recently purchased, or talked about on stories.

So here are March’s Most Loved…


  • Revlon’s Lustrous Matte Lipstick in the shade “Untold Stories” is the perfect everyday lipstick. I love a nice neutral lip, and this shade is my recent go-to. I love how it has a matte finish, without drying out your lips!
  • 3 barrel curling wand. I had my eyes on this one for awhile and the boredom of being in quarantine finally pushed me to click “add to cart.” I got a lot of DM’s asking about this wand, and honestly I loved playing with it and I think it gave me a really fun “Shakira” look…but it’s not an everyday thing in my opinion. However, I’m really glad I bought it + love that I can give myself quick and easy beach waves at any time.


  • Zsupply tie dye set. It’s all about the loungewear these days and this one has definitely been on HEAVY rotation. I love wearing it as a set, but also mix it up + wear the pieces separately. It may be a little price…but definitely worth it. Especially in these #wfh times.
  • Leopard Target Set. A more affordable option + still SO cute, and SOFT!…so freakin soft.
  • Dreamy Robe. I originally got this from Costco during Christmas time, but I posted it on my story this month + found it on Amazon! You guys will not regret this purchase. Promise.
  • Chain Link Necklace. I wear it with almost everything. It’s dainty + adds a little glam to my *not so glam* outfits.
  • Adidas. a good looking pair of white sneakers that match with everything…sold!
  • Dumpling Bag. A look for less, but still so chic…here’s the OG inspo for this Amazon dupe. The price difference is insane.


  • Garment Rack. if you’re in the market for one…I love how this one includes shelving that you can style + play around with some interior design trends.
  • Vital Proteins Collagen Powder. A flavorless, invisible boost of collagen in your morning coffee or smoothie…who doesn’t want that?

Each image in the collage below is click-able + shop-able.

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