Meet My Niece

It’s official… I am the cool aunt.

Just kidding! I think Sophia is pretty lucky to have an army of cool girls practically raising her as a team. Basically, picture an episode of Full House…except we’re all girls, and we don’t live together. Okay, so maybe not an episode at all.

Sophie is the oldest of my nephews and the only girl. I don’t have kids of my own (obviously!), but just by seeing my sisters with their kids and seeing the different dynamics between raising a boy & a girl…I definitely think raising a girl is a little more difficult.

So my sisters and I, pitch in and give Sophie a variety of love and wisdom. Her mom (Titi) gives her that mother-ly love and that no one else can give her. They have this best-friend (sometimes Frenemy…) relationship. Loly gives her the “tough love” she needs, and basically teaches her how to not be a little b*tch (lmao.) As for me… when Sophie was born I was 14, so I feel like she’s always seen me in an “older sister” type of way. She tells me all her “juicy” 4th grade drama, and current YouTube obsessions.

So I think/hope she learns a little bit from each of us.

So here’s what you need to know about Sophie…

She’s not the fastest runner or the strongest kid. BUT, what she lacks in strength she makes up for in knowledge, SASS, and humor.

Seriously she is a genius…picture Matilda, but not as creepy.

The limits are endless with this girl. She can be the greatest makeup artist, America’s next big talk show host, or the worlds greatest brain surgeon.

Just so you can get a better grasp on who Sophie really is, I asked her a few questions and let her answer each one in her own words.

Name: Sophia Isabella (Sophia means “wise” and Isabella means “beauty”, this wasn’t planned…but is such a fitting name! -Elizabeth)
Age: 9
Fav School Subject: Social Studies
Last Book You Read: “Where Is The Bermuda Triangle?”
Siblings: JC
Hidden talent: Doing accents and impressions (especially British!)
Hobbies: painting, doing makeup, planting!
Fun fact: I am in the National Elementary Honor Society and I scored perfect FSA scores (twice in a row!)
Favorite food: It’s a meal…Churrasco, with rice, and plantains.
If you could be anyone who would you be: I would be my mom.
Favorite movie: White Chicks
Favorite item in your closet: it’s a crop top, with a skirt and it has blue & white stripes…and buttons!
Dream Job: Nurse
Tv show you’re watching on Netflix: The Office, on your account. (umm I had no idea about this. -Elizabeth)
Fav Youtube Star: Jeffree Star
Dream Vacation: Hawaii
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Celebrity: James Corden
Most likely to be found at… my house or Michael’s! I love that place!

P.S. Lani The Label makes matching your mini easy. All the above outfits our from Amanda Stanton’s new line, which was designed for the modern day/trendy mother daughter duo…or in our case fab aunt + niece duo.

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