Meet My Sisters

You’ve seen them on my Insta stories and on my feed. I occasionally borrow their designer handbags, and use their houses as backdrops for my Insta post… so I figured what a more appropriate day to introduce you to my sisters, than on National Sibling Day?

I have 2 older sisters, Christine and Lauren… but ever since I can remember I have always called them Titi and Loly. There is just no other way around it. Those are their names to me. (Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s actually SUPER weird that I have never called them by their actual names. 😂) I am 10 years apart from the oldest (Titi) and 6 years apart from the middle child (Loly). Lol.

Having sisters is one my biggest blessings. Obviously, there are times when we get on each others nerves, and when we argue…we ARGUE. I think it was way worse when we were all younger and living under the same roof. Now, that we are older, the age gaps don’t seem to phase us, and most of our “fights” are because one of us didn’t go over for dinner, or hasn’t called in what seems like forever (3 days max.)

My sisters are my go-to’s, literally my best friends. It’s so crazy to have people in your life (other than your parents) who know EVERY thing about you, share all the same memories, and still love you unconditionally. I have never lived a day without them (and pray everyday, that I will never know what that is!)

There are no other people in the world that I would rather day drink and waste my days away at Target and Home Goods with.

Now, Here they are…

I had them both individually answer the questions below so you can get to know them.

Meet Christine (aka. Titi)…

Name: Christine (Titi to my sisters)
Age: 32
Occupation: NICU Nurse
How long have you been married?: 10 years.
How many kids do you have?: 2 (Sophia is 9 & JC is 8)
Hidden Talent: I can apply lip liner perfectly, without a mirror.
Fun Fact: I have a secret tattoo.
Favorite Meal: Dessert! (chocolate molten cake 🍫)
Favorite Item in Your Closet: My Stuart Weitzman nudist heels…They’re comfy, tall, and go with everything.
Current Netflix Binge: “The Traveling Pants” (LOL! she means The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! -Elizabeth)
Favorite Kardashian: Kourtney or Khloe because they’re funny.
Growing up which powderpuff girl were you?: BLOSSOM!
What’s on your to-do list right now? Organize closet, and return excessive purchases 🙃
Most likely to be found at… Target. (no doubt. – Elizabeth)
Favorite Memory of your Sisters: with Elizabeth…taking her to her 1st concert, just us two. It was Hannah Montana with the Jonas Brothers. With Lauren…accidentally off roading in my BMW, popping the tires, and lying to our dad about it. 😂

Meet Lauren (aka. Loly)…

Name: Lauren
How long have you been married?:
3.5 years (together for 14 years.)
How many kids do you have?:
1 (James, he’s turning 2 on April 14th)
Hidden Talent:
I can finish a bottle of wine in one sitting.
Fun Fact:
I had a crush on my husband ever since I was 11. His sister was in my ballet class.
Favorite Meal:
Filet Mignon & a baked potato.
Favorite Item in Your Closet:
My dads Dallas Cowboys T-shirt.
Current Netflix Binge:
Cars (thanks, James.)
Favorite Kardashian:
Growing up which powderpuff girl were you?:
What’s on your to-do list right now?
Pack for Disney, order decorations for James’ GOT themed bday, and Easter basket things.
Most likely to be found at…
probably soaking in the tub. (I literally have this emoji “🛀” next to her contact on my phone. -Elizabeth)
Favorite Memory of your Sisters:
with Elizabeth…teaching her how to ride a bike by duct taping her feet to the pedals 😂. With Titi…we created a wine club called “Wine-not” before “wine-not” was a thing.



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