Mother’s day is quickly approaching + I know the struggle of trying to find the perfect gift for your mom. You know she deserves the world

…but all you can afford is a nice scented candle.

Lol. But honestly, there is no shame in that! Everyone loves candles. I suggest also including a wick trimmer + a candle snuffer ($12) and VOILA now you have a cute candle gift set.

You can my find my candle + wick trimmer of choice in the collage below along with a few other gifts under $100 that I know your mom will LOVE!

+ If you’re on a VERY strict budget, I included some inexpensive (Quarantine approved) Mother’s Day ideas below.

Each image in the collage below is click-able + shop-able.


Although gifts are pretty ways to show appreciation for our moms…I know these are weird + tough times for many of us. So remember, it is not all about the gifts. Although your mom would absolutely love new wine glasses…she’s going to love and appreciate these things even more.

These are a few inexpensive + simple ways to make your mom’s day and make new memories along the way…

  • Cook a meal for her or make one together.
  • Try baking donuts or some other pastries she loves.
  • Make her a homemade photo album.
  • Write her a heartfelt letter that she can keep forever!
  • Watch old home movies together.
  • Try a new cocktail recipe and have happy hour together.
  • Clean the house, do the dishes, fold the laundry.
  • Have a lush at-home spa day with face masks and champagne.
  • Watch a rom-com (…or if she’s like my mom, A Ted Bundy special.)
  • Schedule a zoom date, if you aren’t able to see her in person.

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