Orange You Glad To See Me?

Happy (almost) Friday! I’m so happy to finally be posting again! I was literally a potato this whole week. Since I was super swollen from my wisdom teeth, I didn’t want to go out. Therefore, I lived in my bed with an ice pack and Gilmore Girls on Netflix (I’m obsessed.) Although I’m really not the type of person to stay home all day, it was kind of nice to relax and take a little break from Instagram.

But I’m BACK and so excited to share this outfit with you guys! I’ve had it hanging in my closet for what feels like FOREVER. I think it’s the cutest two-piece I’ve ever seen!…and I’ve seen many two-piece’s in my days LOL. I love the oranges on it, I’ve been loving this whole fruit trend. I’m currently looking for a cute lemon print outfit, so if you see anything cute please comment the link below!  OH!… and this bag! It’s like the “it” bag of the Summer, I see it on Instagram almost everyday. I found this one on Amazon, and I’m obsessed. It’s great quality and instantly makes every outfit look fresh and Summer-y.



Get The Look

Top: Forever21 | Pants: Forever21 | Shoes: Similar | Bag: Amazon | Necklace: Forever21


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