Pink Ombre Cake

Pink Ombre Cake


Happy Valentines Day!!…Does anyone else feel like time is going by super fast?! Seriously…It feels like Christmas was yesterday! I’ve been so busy lately, and Valentine’s Day just completely caught me off guard. I still have so many little last minute things to do (help!). If you’re like me, and you need a last minute V-day idea for your Valentine, this pink ombre cake is perfect! It’s very simple, very festive, and your Valentine will think you’re domestic af. LOL! …Plus, Isn’t the way to a guys heart through his stomach? Or something like that?

P.S This cute DIY isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! The colors can easily be changed to your preferences. I chose pink because I wanted it be Valentine’s Day-ish but it would also be super cute in any color scheme! It’s perfect for every occasion.


Here’s What You’ll Need

1.  2 boxes of your favorite store bought WHITE cake mix.

2.Pink food coloring

3. 3 tubs of your favorite frosting

4. 2 8-inch circle pans (If you have a double oven, get 4 pans to speed up the process)

5. Fresh flowers, sprinkles, or candies to decorate


Now to put it all together…

1. Prepare the cake mix using the directions on the box

2. Separate the mix evenly into 4 separate bowls

3. Add 11 drops of food coloring to the first bowl and mix it with a spoon

4.Add 6 drops to the second bowl

5.Add 3 drops to the third bowl

6.Add 1 drop to the last bowl.

7. Pour each mixture into its own cake pan and bake each layer separately.

8. Bake for 20-25 minutes

9. LET THEM COOL (This step is crucial! I didn’t follow my own advice, and messed up one of my layers)

10.Stack each layer with a coat of frosting separating each of them.

11. Frost and decorate to your liking (I kept it simple and just used fresh flowers)

That’s all! Hope you all have a love filled Valentine’s Day!




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