Sincerely ALC Blogger Brunch

If I’m being totally honest…Blogger events can be super intimidating! I’m pretty sure all my blogger friends can agree to this.

First, you don’t know who is going to be there (…& you don’t want to ask your other blogger friends, because what if they didn’t get an invite! That would be rude.) Second, there is a ton of pressure to get a good photo. Which is obviously the reason you’re there, but these events are usually crowded & sometimes you’re not guaranteed a plus one soo…who is taking my picture? As much as I love and appreciate a photographer or sweet volunteer, I still have trouble feeling totally comfortable in front of the camera. Maybe it’s because I’m new to this? Or maybe it’s because I’m shy to creative direct (aka boss around) anyone who is not Danny 😂. Anyway my point is, blogger events can be scary.

However, this event I went to on Saturday was the complete opposite! Sincerely ALC is a brand I love and admire. They were actually one of the first brands I worked with when I started my blog. For this reason, I have always held them very close to my heart… Like seriously, I had a little over 900 followers and they still put their faith in me!

I also love their laid back, cool, Cali girl vibe…Which they exude in everything they do! From their clothes, to their store, even to their Instagram and events! They make me want to move to the beach and never look back haha.

This event was so great because, not only was it super cute!… it was very small & intimate. Which I loved! It gave us all a chance to really interact, share ideas, and learn from each other. I even got to meet one of my insta friends (@camigomez), and that was SO fun! It was hosted at the Freehand Miami. Which is filled with pretty corners everywhere you look. It’s nothing like your average hotel. It has a hip & trendy vibe, and it is a really cool spot. Highly recommend having brunch at their restaurant 27, or getting drinks at their (super instagrammable) bar The Broken Shaker. At the event, they also dedicated so much time to making sure we all got photos. Which was so greatly appreciated! Not to mention we got to try the yummiest dishes, that were almost too pretty to eat (almost.)

Overall, it was a great experience. It reminded me that we are all working towards similar goals, and we should focus on supporting one another. I definitely can’t wait for my next event, to make more blogger friends, and continue to learn from each other.



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