Starting the New Year Right…

I’ve seen a lot of memes circulating Instagram about the days leading up to December 31st. How these days are a blur, you live in sweats, and no one knows what day it is.

Although that is SO DAMN TRUE…looking back I actually got A LOT done in these past few days. So much so, that I feel totally new and refreshed for 2020.

Of course, I think a lot of this had to do with the fact that my mom also had these days off…which meant she was in my bedroom every morning, like a drill sergeant dragging me out of bed.

but ultimately, I’m grateful for her crazy, OCD self.

She always says “There’s nothing like organization.” (*of course she usually says this in Spanish, and in a much angrier tone… but she’s right!)

Here’s What I Got Done In The Days Leading Up to 2020…

  • I didn’t post much, and focused on really getting sh*t done.
  • I cleaned out my closet. Switched all the plastic white hangers to black, sleek, non-bulky ones. Donated a lot of items, and have a few I might sell!
  • Cleaned out the inside of my car. My trunk was overflowing with crap, happy to say it is now completely EMPTY.
  • I got 4 new tires and an oil change! My tires were BALD.
  • I got my PPD test for school. If you’re in any medical program, you know how tedious this is to do.
  • I cleaned out my desktop.
  • I finished The Office on Netflix.
  • I got a new notebook + wrote down a few measurable and attainable goals for 2020 (I love doing this every year, and then reading it at the end of the year)
  • In the same notebook I made an outline of blog post ideas for every month (a lot of fun posts coming in 2020!)

Things I plan to do on January 1st

  • Start reviewing for my LAST semester of nursing school!
  • Start making little steps towards my 2020 goals
  • Perhaps plan what I want to do for my 24th Birthday!
  • + enjoy every minute of this new year because WOW time moves fast!


…see you in 2020 ✨


Booties: SHOEDAZZLE // Blazer: VICI // Top: ZARA

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