Don’t you absolutely HATE when you have on a really cute outfit…but no cute shoes to wear it with! This is my ultimate pet peeve and something that I’ve recently been struggling with. You know the deal, when heels are too much, but sandals are too casual…ugh, the worst.

So I figured… If I’m having a hard time picking out shoes, maybe other people are too.

On my hunt for new summer-y shoes, I came across the cutest beach-y sandals, casual heels, and neutral wedges. I also threw in a pair of super affordable white booties, that are totally trending this summer.

BUT…The best part about all of these shoes are the prices! Most things are on sale, and EVERYTHING is under $100.

Every item in the collage below is click-able, tap-able, and shop-able to make it easier for you !

Happy Shopping!

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