Sunday Well Spent…

Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and you’re all ready for whatever this week brings!

 Today I spent about 2 hours driving around Homestead (which is already about an hour away from me!) looking for a sunflower field. I had this super cute idea for how I wanted to take these pictures, I even had pins on Pinterest for inspo!  However after 2 hours, getting lost twice, and almost getting arrested for trespassing… we did not find the damn field. If that’s not the definition of “doing it for the gram” then I don’t know what is. Lol. I’m honestly ashamed.


While we were lost, just as I was ready to give up, we did find this cute spot that had a bunch of bougainvillea’s. So we pulled over and voila…the cutest picture spot! So I guess the moral of the story is… Sometimes difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations! (Hence my instagram caption!) Haha.



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