What’s In My Carry-On?

Happy 4th of July!

Today were trading our usual red, white, and blue BBQ for something a little more exciting…We are on our way to NYC for the weekend! It’s been AWHILE since the last time I traveled on a plane (mostly just road trips for the last couple years.) So I did a ton of research when it came to what to pack, how to pack, and what to pack it in! For this post, I’m focusing on items in my carry-on.

My goal for this trip was to pack light (…well as light as possible.) & only focus on the essentials. The same rules applied when it came to my carry-on.

I narrowed it down to 3 basic categories, which I have named “The 3 E’s”.

Essentials, Electronics, and Eats.


These are the things you better not forget! Your wallet, passport, ID, money. Along with some other items I consider “essentials”.

TIP: Always pack an extra outfit + underwear just in case they misplace your suitcase or it doesn’t arrive on time…I hope this won’t happen, but you never know!


I know no one is forgetting their phones, but make sure to pack all the necessary chargers! I am so guilty of ALWAYS leaving my chargers behind. I’m also guilty of draining my battery before getting to my destination. So make sure you don’t miss out on that amazing picture right before landing, and pack a portable charger! I also packed a portable fan, because I have heard horror stories of the AC being broken on flights. I have also heard that NYC summer’s are extra HOT, and since we will be walking everywhere, this little fan will be a lifesaver.

TIP: The night before your flight download episodes of your favorite show from Netflix straight to your computer. This makes for the perfect in flight entertainment! Downloading may take a little while so make sure to do it the night before!


Because let’s be honest airplane food sucks and I need something to pick on while I binge watch the new season of Stranger Things. I suggest simple, easy, non- messy snacks. Protein bars, trail mix, and fruit snacks are my go-to’s.

If you are traveling this summer, I created a “Carry-On Checklist” that you can fill out and get organized for your next trip. Feel free to screenshot or download it from my Pinterest (here.)

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