What’s On My Nightstand…

Like so many of you, I have used some of my new “free time” to reorganize + declutter my space.

Starting with my nightstand…

Home to the infamous “Junk Drawer” where old birthday cards, photo strips, phone cases, and a whole bunch of other miscellaneous items go to die.

My junk drawer was getting so bad I couldn’t even open it anymore…that’s when I knew it was time.

I decided to empty it out + deal with that situation head on. I found so many things in there (even some brand-new things) that I forgot I had! I’ll post photos of those items below!

I kept only the essentials on there + narrowed it down to the following items:

  • Olly Beauty Sleep Gummies: I love these. I feel like they really do promote a restful sleep. Currently I am all out, and I have noticed a change in my sleeping pattern. It takes me longer to fully fall asleep… I need to restock asap.
  • Glossier Lip Balm: Something I always like to have nearby.
  • Ellia Diffuser: I love my diffuser. I got this one at Costco around the month of December, but they have so many similar ones on Amazon. What I love about this one is that it also acts as a nightlight + plays soothing spa music or nature sounds.  
  • Eucalyptus + Lavender Essential oil: My favorite scents…stay away from the lemongrass one. Danny will literally stick that one in my face just to piss me off. Lol. So, I got rid of it 👋🏻
  • Phone Charger: Necessary. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when I notice my charger isn’t plugged in right next to my nightstand…or worse when I wake up to an uncharged phone. Side note* I set my phone to have a daily bedtime. Every day at 11pm by phone goes to “sleep” (no calls, no alerts, etc.) + wakes me up at 7am with the current temperature outside + all of the alerts I got over night. So although I like to sleep with my phone right next to me, it doesn’t bother me at all!
  • A Notebook + Pens: I like to keep a notebook + pens on my nightstand just in case I need to write anything down (ideas, to do lists, etc.)
  • Jewelry Plate: a safe place to put any earrings or rings I may have forgotten to remove prior to getting comfy.
  • Ikea Candle Sticks: because they’re cute.


A scrapbook Danny made me, A $100 UNUSED spa giftcard I forgot about, some watermelon wine stoppers and drink markers (I probably bought on impulse a few years ago…), + a few of my past iPhones.



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